I will gladly answer your questions!

  • Which hair replacement is suitable for me?
  • Which material offers the best wearing comfort?
  • What different processing methods are there for second hair?
  • How long does it take for my own hair to grow back?
  • How do I make the right decision between a synthetic hair, mixed hair or human hair wig?
  • How will I be billed by my health insurance company?

Many health insurance companies recognise the cost of medical wigs as an aid and cover some or all of the costs. As a qualified specialist dealer at the Association of Substitute Health Insurance Funds, I can help you with this process.


Your hair is my passion. You deserve beautiful hair!

Discover your natural beauty with type-appropriate and fashionable hairstyles. In my extensive range, I offer first-class wigs, extensions and hair systems made from high-quality synthetic and human hair.

Whether male, female or transgender: I create customised hair systems for a natural look.

The Zander hair studio also offers medical hair systems and hair fillers. I specialise in hair thickening, extensions, integrations and much more. The range includes first-class products for care and maintenance.

Hairpieces and human hair wigs offer versatility, high wearing comfort, long-lasting quality and convey a positive feeling. Benefit from my professional advice - individual, competent and discreet.

If required, I offer personal home and clinic visits for a fee.

As a qualified supplier, I supply all statutory health insurance companies!



The advantages of human hair wigs

Natural look: Human hair wigs look particularly natural due to their material and texture. They are easy to style and give the wearer an authentic look.

Versatility: Human hair wigs can be styled, coloured and cut just like your own hair. This means they offer a wide range of styling options to suit individual preferences.

Wearing comfort: Human hair wigs are generally lighter and more breathable than synthetic wigs, which makes them comfortable to wear, especially for longer periods.

Longevity: High quality human hair wigs can last a long time with proper care, retaining their natural beauty and texture.

Natural feel: Human hair wigs feel like your own hair due to their material and texture, giving a more natural feel.

Adaptability: Human hair wigs adapt well to the shape of the wearer's head, providing a secure fit and a natural look.

Heat resistance: Compared to synthetic wigs, human hair wigs can withstand heat better, which means they can be styled with hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners without damage.


Medizinische Haarsysteme in Hannover

Medical hair replacement after chemotherapy and metabolic diseases

I know exactly how stressful it can be to deal with hair loss due to medical treatments or hormonal imbalances - I too have struggled with hormonal hair loss. But I want to reassure you that you are not alone at Hair Studio Zander.

As an authorised partner of all health insurance companies, I am at your side during this difficult time.

I understand that the thought of losing your own hair can be frightening. I would therefore like to point out that many health insurance companies recognise the costs of medical wigs as an aid and cover them partially or fully. As a pre-qualified specialist retailer with the Association of Substitute Health Insurance Funds, I can help you with this process.

There are various reasons for hair loss (alopecia). Some of the factors are

  • Hereditary family history
  • Hormonal changes due to e.g. pregnancy or the menopause
  • Scalp infections, lichen planus, lupus, sarcoidosis, etc.
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • due to medication (e.g. cancer medication)
  • Radiotherapy to the head
  • Stress factors, sudden weight loss,
  • operations
  • the loss of relatives can also trigger hair loss

Known risk factors include

  • family history
  • Age, more common in older people
  • Poor nutrition
  • Diseases such as diabetes, lupus
  • stress

My many years of experience with health insurance companies are a great help when you enquire about a medical wig.

In order to receive financial support for a medical wig, you will need a doctor's prescription. I encourage you to speak with your health insurance provider about your options. Your well-being is important to me and I will do my best to support you in your fight against hair loss.


Trans Frau Perücke

Transgender wigs. Beautiful and authentic

When transforming from male to female, it is not only the outfit and make-up that play a decisive role, but the hairstyle is also an important expression of femininity. The wigs for transgender people are characterised by a stylish and feminine appearance, they shape gentle facial contours and look authentic and natural.

The right wig: safe with me

The second hair of today presents itself inconspicuously and offers different types of wig styles to emphasise personal style. A perfect fit and support in all situations are crucial, which is why precise measurement of the head circumference is of great importance.

While most wigs have a standard size of 52-56 cm, reputable manufacturers offer special sizes that are often required for transgender people (from a head circumference of 57 cm +).

Just get in touch with me. I also have the right hairpiece for you - many transgender people have been my satisfied customers for years!




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